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PPH Line Services

You might be asking yourself “Where does PPHCR get their lines?”

PPHCR runs many lines simultaneously for our various agent clients. We offer Sharp Lines that reduce value on dogs and react instantly to market changes. We offer Square Lines or Public Lines that accounts for heavy action on the favorites. We have lines that follow particular books in the offshore industry by way of an “auto-feed” like Pinnacle and CRIS.

The Best Lines From Reputable Sportsbooks

We have consensus lines that basically take the best lines from reputable Sportsbooks listed on the Don Best Screen to create a strong line that accurately reflects the industry standard.

Almost all lines originate in Las Vegas and are picked up by Line Services like Don Best or Sports Options. We use as many different sources for information on Odds that we can as long as the source is reputable.

From there our team of Line Management Professionals watch and adjust lines in accordance with action we see coming in at both our wagering center and around the industry.

Move Your Own Lines

PPHCR gives our clients the ability to move their own lines anytime they wish to. You can adjust a spread or total as much as you need to and continue to move with us or you can freeze a line on a number so that it doesn’t move no matter what happens.

Hide Lines You Don’t Want Action On

PPHCR agents can also hide lines for any game. You can hide a portion of the game like the Money Line or the Total while still leaving the Spread available to your players. You can of course hide entire games easily at the click of a mouse.

Vigilant Monitoring 24/7

Our Line Management team is comprised of over 20 professional Line Movers who work round the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure that you are always dealing the best number. Experienced Bookmakers know that players will try to exploit weaknesses in your operation, especially when it comes to bad numbers. In some cases you are forced to decide between taking the hit with a bad bet on a soft number or losing the player’s action. PPHCR will ensure that you’re always dealing the sharpest line.

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