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How PPH Companies Really Work

PPH or Pay Per Head services have revolutionized the Bookmaking business for entrepreneurs who take sports betting action in their local area.

The concept is simple: Instead of wasting your money building up your own infrastructure that includes office space, phone lines, computers, line managers and clerks and exposing yourself to legal repercussions; bookies in the US and around the world can contract the services of a professional sportsbetting office located offshore in Costa Rica.

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has been the International hub for online/offshore gaming for almost 30 years. Sportsbooks, Online Casinos and Poker sites operate legally in the country which allows them to provide safe, secure and reliable gambling services and software to you the business owner. Imagine if you could contract the top Sportsbook in Las Vegas to run your lines, take your wagers, grade your games and give real-time financial reporting for you and your players each and every day. With the high level of professionalism and years of experience in the gaming industry that we provide for our clients at the PPHCR offices, that is exactly what you are getting.

How does it work?

Our massive wagering center provides up to the minute access and reporting to you and your players with a full range of internet connectivity through any mobile, laptop or PC computer. We also have a fully functional call center with over 100 fluent English speaking clerks that allow your players to call in their bets using a toll-free phone #. You and your player group will be issued secure account IDs and passwords, of your choice, to access our service 24/7/365. All of your data is kept private and protected on our network of on-site servers.

What Makes PPHCR different?

With so many PPH companies advertising turnkey bookmaking solutions why should you choose to put your players with us? The answer is simple; at PPHCR you will receive the highest level of professional service from people who know the business inside and out. You will have access to the very best reporting software available in the industry managed by people who actually know how to make it work for you. Best of all we provide this service at a very competitive rate that will keep your operating costs low and keep more money in your pocket. Other services will try to justify their higher rates and added service fees such as charging a commission on your casino profits or random maintenance fees. The fact is that they are simply lining their pockets without giving you any real added benefits.

At PPHCR our formula for success is simple. Due to the large number of agent accounts that we handle we are able to offer our clients complete professional bookmaking services at one low, flat rate.

Open your account and start making money today!

PPHCR’s team of account management experts are standing by to open your account today. Most new agents are fully operational within just a few hours of contacting us. We offer free, no obligation consultation to help you choose the account settings that will best accommodate your business model. We cater to all levels of bookmaker experience, whether you’re just getting started or have been booking your whole life. PPHCR will make your switch over to us seamless and painless. Call today and let PPHCR help bring your business to new heights of success and profitability.

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