We Give You A Full Action Sportsbook

Account Management

PPHCR has the expertise to provide even the largest agents with complete, full service, account management.

We give agent bookies the tools they need to keep accurate records on player accounts, payments and commissions for sub-agents. We will ensure that you always know exactly where you stand financially whether you have 50 players or 1000.

Our agent management system includes

  • Experienced and professional account service representatives
  • Real-time Cash Flow reports
  • Player account adjustment reports
  • Player login tracking
  • Sub-Agent commission reports

Master Agent Setup Specialists

There are many reasons why you may want to consider setting up a Master Agent account however, the 2 most common would be: 1) You have partners who deal with specific player groups within your overall player package and 2) You have unique player groups who differ significantly from each other within your overall group. Either way PPHCR will provide you with a well organized and easy to read “Operations Tree” that allows you to view your business as a complete whole as well as its individual groups.

Master Agents are able to assign and limit the rights and abilities of their Sub-Agents. This allows them to login and see just the activity of players that have been assigned to them. You can also determine whether or not your Sub-Agents are able to make any adjustments to player accounts such as setting credit or wager limits and entering payments.

As a Master Agent you maintain complete authority over all aspects of your account. No changes will be made to your specified account settings without your approval.

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