PPH Websites Get Big Boost

By Harley Wyatt – Pay Per Head Service News

The recent announcement by the NBA to restart the league at the end of July is welcome news for Pay Per Head agents and those that use PPH websites. Reports indicate a timetable to jump start activity beginning with small groups of players training at their respective team facilities and gradually expanding from there.

Within one-month odd makers may be able to start posting lines on a new preseason which gamblers using PPH websites will be able to bet on. There will be some find of round robin format where teams will get at least 3 games to get into official gam shape and make a 4un for the playoffs.

No MLB for PPH Websites

Unlike MLB betting which has stalled with bickering between owners and players about umber of games and salary cuts continues. Pay per head sportsbook agents will not likely see any action on baseball anytime soon.

However, most payers who enjoy using PPH websites don’t even bet on baseball. Some Pay Per Head service agents often close down their business every summer anyway and don’t even bother with MLB as a general rule.

For PPH Website users and the Pay Per Head services that keep them running, many are looking at the Covid-19 shut down of the past 12 weeks as a kind of “pre summer shutdown” that happens every year to one degree or another.

PPH Website Owners Rejoice

Both PPH Agents and PPH website owners can look forward to having an uninterrupted flow of sports betting action once the NBA begins play in the near future. Pay Per Head agents will see a steady build through the month of July resulting in exciting playoff action well into October and possibly November.

Even though PPH Website bettors don’t put a lot of their money on MLB betting, let’s hope the league can resolve their differences and follow the path of the NBA owners and players. Sports in general provide a much-needed source of enjoyment and community for people around the World.