Pay Per Head Website Comeback

By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head Agent News

In the true spirit of sports comebacks PPH sites saw a huge surge in activity over the past weekend. Slowly but surely, we are seeing more and more professional leagues resume business as usual. In addition to the Asian baseball leagues which have been active for many weeks, we also saw games from German soccer, NASCAR, Golf and a major event from the UFC.

This week promises more of the same as soccer leagues all across Europe restart their seasons. Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Denmark are all set to resume play. Lines have also been posted on major Tennis tournaments and PGA golf. UFC and Boxing are staging new contests within the USA. A defiant Dana White is determined to continue with UFC bouts even if it means renting out a private island in the Caribbean to do so.

Perhaps more importantly are the signals being sent from officials in many states showing their openness to resume sporting events even without fans. Both Arizona and Florida have said they are ready when ever the leagues are. Even beleaguered New York has expressed a desire to restart games.

Good News for Pay Per Head Agents

All of this is good news to Pay Per Head service agents who have seen little to no activity from their players since the sporting world shutdown due to Covid-19. There are always ups and downs in the PPH website business but this one has been unprecedented in its scope.

It has, however, once again proven that PPH site agents have a recession proof business model. No sooner had betting lines started coming back up on various different sports, then players were jumping back in with both feet to get in on the action.

PPH Agents Ready to Win

The future is looking bright for the pay per head service industry. Agents can rest assured that when NBA, MLB and especially NFL and college football resume the players will return to betting with renewed zeal. Plenty of money has been given out to people who have had to sit at home for 3 months. They’ll be itching to spend and return to the joys of sports betting. Make sure you are ready when they do.