By Buddy Duke – Pay Per Head News

PPH Website Agents In The Bunker

It has officially been 2 weeks since the President of the United States told everyone to go home and stay home. Wash your filthy hands, don’t touch your face and for the love of God stop hoarding toilet paper! It’s a mantra we’ve all become used to, repeated endlessly on the TV and internet. Meanwhile the average American is just trying to hold it together while simultaneously couped up with spouse and kids while we watch our retirement funds dwindle down to nothing. A lot of people won’t even have a job waiting for them on the other side of COVID-19 but rest assured the bookies will.

Pay Per Head Bookmaking is Bullet Proof

Any PPH Website bookie who has been in the business for a few years knows the ups and downs of taking sports betting action. It’s a roller coaster at the best of times with plenty of stomach churning ups and downs. PPH Bookies eventually get used to it as a way of life and take it in stride. Rookie agents new to the pay per head game sometimes get a tough dose of reality and fold their tent quickly. Tough times come with the territory no two ways about it but for those stick with it with hard work and nerves of steel always reap a profit.

Profits in a time of Plague

Yes things seem grim right now. Never in the history of gambling have we witnessed the kind of Global shut down that has been caused by COVID-19. None the less they will be starting back up and it will happen sooner than you think. So don’t sweat it. Use the time you’ve been given to consider how your pay per head website will bounce back stronger than ever. There are no guarantees when you’re betting but I can 100% guarantee you that the human race will beat this stupid virus and we’ll be playing ball again before you know it. Keep the faith true believers and stay strong!