By Harley Wyatt – Pay Per Head Agent News

Strange days in the world of Sports and Pay Per Head Agents. What can you do to maintain profits when every major sporting event and league has been closed down? Fear not! PPH Service providers like are here to save you from the toilet paper apocalypse.

Pay Per Head Casinos Save Gambling

Not all pay per head services offer online casino options for their agents and some of them that do will charge you extra for the privileged of using them. Usually this takes it’s form in a percentage of net losses. If you can believe it PPH websites will charge 15% or 20% on what your players lose. If they lose $10K they expect you to pay them $2 Grand!?! OUTRAGES!

Don’t Get Chiseled By Extra Fees

The day of reckoning is at hand in your relationship with your pay Per Head company. If you suddenly find yourself paying exorbitant fees for using a casino service that you previously had no interest in you should consider switching PPH Websites. Honorable and honest pay per head services like have ALWAYS included both LIVE DEALER and Online Casino with Mobile access as part of their FLAT FEE platform.

Reflecting On PPH Service

Use the time you have been given to reflect on your business and evaluate the pros and cons of your Pay Per Head website provider. It is the true measure of a companies worth in how they conduct themselves in a time of unprecedented upheaval. Rest assured that these dismal days will pass and business will return to normal. the leagues will restart the games and players will go back to betting as usual. Now might be a good time to consider switching your service if you feel you are being taken advantage of by your current PPH service.