By Harley Wyatt – $8 Pay Per Head

There’s Gold in Them There Hashmarks!

With football right around the corner you need to start getting your pay per head sportsbook account in order. Start by making a list of the things that went right and the things that wernt wrong for you last year.

Sportsbook Killers

Teasers are a constant concern for agents due to the extra points they give to the players for NFL football and NBA basketball, not to mention the college sports. Although they are considered a “sucker bet” there are ways that players can get an advaqntage. If you see a player who only bets 2 team teasers this is considered a “sharp play”. Be careful of the limits you give them and watch them carefully.

Occasional Players

Do you have a player with a big credit line who only bets a few times a week? This would be the kind of guy who bets his mnax on 2 oir 3 games over the weekend and may or may not bet Monday night footballb or the Thursday game.

Why is that? Well he’s sharper than the average player which means he only bets games where he feels he has maximum advantage. He won’t always win but he will win more than he loses and in the end he won’t lose that much. Take a look at his history and ask yourself if it’s worth keeping a player who is basically a break even gambler.

Bet On Everything!!!

As a bookmaker you can’t be timid about what you offer your players to bet on. For example, last year I had an agent who had a player who hit a 4 team parlay one week for a few thousand and he asked me if he should stop taking parlays. “HELL NO” I said, you have to take the good with ther bad and the best way to make money from gamblers is to give them MORE stuff to bet on.

The formula is simple. A Sportsbook will, over time , make 5% of it’s handle or volume. If you take $10,000 in bets you’ll make $500. If you take $100,000 in bets you’ll make $5000…Etc. As long as you have players who will bet with you each week there is really never any need for concern. Don’t be afraid to open the flood gates on futures, parlays, props, live betting etc. As long as it’s not just one guy betting bit you’ll make money in the long run.