Sexy!? What!? Baseball is Boring

Baseball is sexy for many reasons if you think about it. Look at the players with their grand standing poses at home plate. Steely eyes staring down a gunslinger 90 feet away. The crotch grab to adjust the massive cojones that it takes to hit a 100mph heater. What other sport allows the player to display all of their manliness in such pageantry as the man at the plate.

Woman Charging The Field For a Kiss

This is something that happens more in baseball than any other sport and it’s easy to see why. There you have your super star outfielder in the typical hip cocked posture, jaw working on a wad of gum ready for action. His statuesque form that oozes testosterone and represents the epitome of manliness in sport.

Why We Bet On Baseball

It’s not just because there is little else to bet on unless your a soccer fan. Baseball embodies the spirit of summer. Scantily clad fans filling the sweltering stadiums are part of the show and they know it. The steady pace of the game that has no clock but relies on players to keep the game moving. But more than the ambiance of the game is the fact that anything can hap[pen at any time and change the game completely. There is a tension in baseball that pervades all aspect of the game. A single pitch, a single swing of the bat, a headlong steal of a base or an impossible catch. We bet on baseball because it has refined itself into an almost perfect game where the rules are established and allow the players to let their skills shine.