By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head Website News

PPH Websites Made Easy

It’s never been easier for bookies to open a pay per head website and get the very best sportsbook software available. Although most bookies in the US are aware of online bookmaking and record keeping services they are not all created equal.

Pay Per Head Costa Rica or has been assisting bookies for over 20 years in setting up an account that does exactly what they want it to. A pay per head website can be confusing for even the most seasoned veteran online bookies, never mind those that are just getting started.

What offers is a wide variety of betting options including standard sportbook betting wagers, Live Betting wagers, virtual and live dealer casino and of course horse racing. They do all of this for the incredibly low price of just $8 per player p0er week. Those are players who have actively wagered and had graded bets during that week. In other words if your players don’t bet you don’t have to pay.

$8 Per Head Customized PPH Website

They specialize in customization of agent accounts. Let’s say for example that you don’t want players to be able to bet on money lines where the spread exceeds 10pts. can make that happen where many pay per head websites will try to stick you in a cookie cutter profile with little wiggle room. Can you imagine buying a car and the sales rep tells you that they only come in the color red?

When it comes down to it the most important yet overlooked aspect of opening a pay pert head website is communication with the provider. Even if a service can give you all the bells and whistles you ask for what happens if you call them and can’t understand the service rep because they speak bad English? What if they only communicate by email and you have to wait for days to get a response to your questions and request.

This is what puts Pay per head Costa Rica far and above other pay per head website providers, the attention to client service and response. Being able to speak to someone 24 hours a day 7 days a week may seem like a no brainer but if you have a problem on Sunday morning NFL football rush and need immediate help you will understand how vitally important it is.

Call today and find out how easy and fast they can get you up and running. Most accounts are ready for action within a few hours of calling or emailing them. The secret to their success is the fact that every employee is a seasoned veteran in the industry who knows their job and knows what you need to be a profitable pay per head website bookie.