The Truth About The Best Per Head Software

By Ted Jolly – $8 Pay Per Head

I have been in the offshore sports betting industry for over 20 years and I have seen many software platforms come and go. There used to be various pay per head software companies vying for dominance in the sportsbook business. These days DGS or Digital Gaming Solutions has pretty much cornered the market much like Microsoft has.

Pay Per Head Software Not Created Equal

That being said all PPH Sites are not running the exact same software. In the modern technological age of the hack DGS has been transformed by many pay per head services and customized by their independent IT departments.

DGS more or less acts as a base line for Per Head Software, the rock upon which the house is built, if you will. For example companies like have not only made improvements to the DGS basic package but run the Per Head Software in tandem with other programs.

They offer Live Dealer Casino which is a completely different company from DGS but they have seamlessly integrated it to allow clients to transfer money from their balance back and forth while keeping meticulous watch on the player’s ledger.

Live Betting Takes PPH Sites By Storm

The same goes for the new and improved Live Betting feature which has been added to the Pay Per Head Costa Rica offering. By partnering with an exclusively Live Betting platform can now give players 20 or 30 different betting options while the game is in progress.

Now before you get nervous about a player betting on a baseball total right at the moment of a grand slam home run be aware that there are controls in place that prevent players from doing so.

Ultimately what the pay per head bookie will see is a dramatic increase in revenue and player betting activity. Even though the Live Betting feature is a contracted service the agent client still has full control over limits and what sport the player is allowed to bet on. This can even be done on an individual basis, for example player A can bet on everything because you know his habits. Player B can be restricted to NFL football only.

The bottom line is that is staffed by a team of gaming industry experts who know the business and what an agent’s needs are. Find out how you can start making more money with your sportsbook business by calling them today.