Best Pay Per Head for Pro Bookies

By Harley Wyatt – Best Pay Per Head

I’ve been in the pay per head business for almost 2 decades and if there is one thing I can tell you is that in this industry you’re truly looking at the good, the bad and the ugly.

The one thing that boggles my mind is that bookies, professional bookmakers, people who have made sportsbooking their life calling fail to understand. It doesn’t matter if you get the lowest pay per head price, it doesn’t matter if you get the biggest pay per head office. Hell’ it doesn’t matter if some pay per head service is willing to fly you down to Costa Rica for non-stop blow jobs at the Del Rey.

The only thing that matters in the pay per head business is if the PPH website works like clock work each and every Saturday and Sunday of the football season.

Cheapest Pay Per Head Services

Let’s start with the bad and the ugly because they basically amount to the same hill of bullshit. You get promised a “too good to be true price” for your pay per head and jump on board like an Olympic diver. Your mind instantly calculates the potential savings over the course of a year and you figure that’s an extra couple grand in your pocket.


The problem with the cheapest pay per head services is that they are thinking the same thing. They are cutting corners and not investing in infrastructure that ios needed to mainatain a high quality of PPH site access for you and your players.

After all, what doi they care if they lose a few clients here and there for bad service when they have the whoile diving team lined up to jump in?

Hidden PPH Website Costs and Fees

The other sode of that coin are the ones that will provide you with adequet service but your weekly billing seems to always end up being more than you figured. This is due to the practice of added fees and costs which many cheap PPH websites lay on their bookie clients.

Your players go into the casino and lose $1000? They want 10%. You want to make changes to your account profile? They charge a fee. They tell you you’re going to paying $5 per player per week but it can end up being $10 or $20 or more depending on the “fine print”. This is the classic bate and switch of a used car dealer.

Best Pay Per Head

What you want is a straight forward, honest pay per head service that is up front about what you are going to pay and the service you will receive in return. Believe me when I tell you that this is worth it’s weight in GOLD for a serious bookie.

Reliable and knowledgeable customer service that is always available to take your call and answer emails promptly. Don’t get treated like a sucker when you open your pay per head sportsbook account. Use some common sense and ask yourself “Can I trust these people to help manage my sportsbook?” If the answer is no then keep looking.