Pay Per Head Makes Life Easy

By Ted Jolly – Cheap Pay Per Head News

Pay per head offices and the service they provide to professional bookies is a well established fact. For those still getting a handle on what pay per head is all about here is a quick PPH Site tutorial.

Costa Rica World Pay Per Head Capital

Pay per head or PPH as it is also known are basically data processing centers for sportsbook operators that are located outside the jurisdiction of the United States. Most can be found in the sports betting Mecca of the world, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has very liberal and in many cases non-existent laws concerning online sports gambling. Rather than regulating an industry that brings in millions of dollars to the country, officials have more or less left the industry to regulate itself.

Now this could be a concern in some industries but the fact is that bookmaking is truly the last honest profession. If a bookie doesn’t pay their players they don’t bet anymore. If a Pay per head service doesn’t provide the promised access to sharp betting lines their clients will leave them andf they go out of business.

Choosing the Right PPH Website

Pay per head bookies have a lot of advantages working for them from setting up an offshore service account. However, with so many different offices to choose from how can you tell the difference between a PPH that just wants your money and provides next to no added service to one that will help make you profitable and successful on a regular basis?

The simple fact is that you are going to have to roll up your sleeves and do some home work. A Google search will turn up hundreds of options for you to choose from but which one is right? Do not make the mistake of assuming that all PPH Sites are created equal.

Make some phone calls. Does the person on the other end of the line sound knowledgeable about the sports betting business? Do they even speak English? How flexible and accommodating is the pay per head office willing to be? Are they saying yes to you when you ask about certain conditions you require or are they maming excuses and forcing you into a one size fits all package.

Cheap pay per head is available now and it doesn’t mean you’re settling for less. You should find a price that’s right for you but that doesn’t mean the LOWEST price you find. SERVICE is what you are paying for! If you get good PPH site service at any price it is worth it and will make your life easy. If you insist on paying the lowest price regardless of minor issues your life can quickly turn into a living hell.