3 Big Reasons to use PPHCR.com

By Ted Jolly – Best Pay Per Head News

As we get closer to the upcoming Football season pay per head bookies are looking forward to the big profits that come with it. Summer can be a tough time in the pay per head world. Player numbers are down because people are on vacation, there isn’t a whole lot to attract the average gambler outside of Baseball and it can be challenging to collect from players regularly.

Pay Per Head Dos and Don’ts

What PPH bookies have to keep in mind is that there is a light at the end of the lean summer months. Thankfully this year we have the World Cup of Soccer but with no US team and games being played at 6am interest is still low.

If you have a player who is procrastinating in paying his weekly losses consider their overall history before you decide to get heavy handed with them. Let’s say a guy owes you $200 for using the pay per head website but can’t get around to paying you. Is this player going to be betting and losing many times more money during football? If the answer is yes then go easy on them and think about your future profits.

PPHCR Ranked #1 in Service

Which brings us to the pay per head service itself. No matter what you do or how much your players want to gamble on sports, if your PPH site doesn’t function properly you’re going to lose business. Here are 3 reasons to set yourself up with an account at www.PPHCR.com:

  1. Confidence: As PPH Sites go PPHCR.com is one of the best because of the confidence they instill in their agent clients. They know how the business works and there is always someone who is available and knowledgeable to help make your business run well.
  2. Security: This is a big deal to US bookies looking for a safe place to put their pay per head package. PPHCR excels in providing confidential PPH services that protect the privacy of you and your players.
  3. Trust: It can be hard to trust people you don’t know. PPHCR makes every effort to earn the trust of their clients by going above and beyond in providing top tier pay per head service. With a unique approach to building a personal relationship with their clients you will be dealing with familiar people who know you and your needs as an agent.

PPHCR has a team of qualified professionals with decades of experience in the offshore pay per head gaming industry. Over the years they have dealt with every situation imaginable and can provide insight and strategies to ensure you have your most profitable football season ever.