5 Best Pay Per Head Tips

By Harley Wyatt – Pay Per Head Service News

With the NBA champion soon to be decided many bookies will be going into the slowest time of the year. The months of June and July are traditionally a time to kick back and enjoy some well earned leisure time.

This year may be a little different as bookies will be gaging the action they get on the World Cup of Soccer. The event, like the Olympics, happenbs every 4 years and typically sees betting action from players who normally don’t wager on soccer. Unfortunately the US team did not qualify for the tournament which will definitely impact betting interest.

When Bookies Switch Pay Per Head Websites

The summer months also provide an excellent opportunity for bookies to look at the best pay per head service options that are out there. This is the best time to make a move to a new pay per head office since any service outages will affect the minimal number of players.

Here are 5 Tips to remember when if you’re thinking about moving your pay per head service for the upcoming NFL football season.

  1. Don’t get obsessed with price. Price is one of the main reasons why bookies switch to new PPH websites but it can’t be the 1 deciding factor. A good pay per head website will charge you between $8-$12 depending on the number of players you have.
  2. Communication is key. When you call up the PPH service does the person speak English and understand your questions? If not just imagine how it will be trying to run your business and not being able to understand the people helping you and vice versa.
  3. How long have they been in business? There have been many new pay per head offices opening up every year. Although it may be difficult to find out exactly how long they have been operating it is important. You don’t want them closing up shop on you in the middle of November.
  4. Website access. With at least 97% of players now betting exclusively online you need to ask for a free pay per head account demo and try before you buy. Does the site load fast, is it mobile friendly, does it look professional. Reliable website access cannot be compromised for any reason.
  5. Variety of wagering options. Once again there are many pay per head services to choose from but not all are equal. First of all you should be looking for one that gives you an over abundance of betting options, more than you could want or need. If you don’t like some of the sports being offered you can shut them off. Also; what about online casino, live dealer and horse racing? These may not be your biggest bread winners but they shouldn’t be overlooked as solid revenue streams.

Above all go with your gut instinct. Consider all these factors but use your intuition to make the final decision. Ask tough questions about what you expect from your pay per head website and if answers aren’t up to snuff keep looking.