Pay Per Head vs Legal Sports Betting

By – Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head Bookie News

How will pay per head bookies be impacted by the latest supreme court decision to allow individual states to enact their own legal frame work to allow sports betting for the public?

Let’s cut to the chase to reassure all active and future bookies that the impact will be minimal. Pay per head bookies offer a service to their players that the state will never be able to match. Imagine if you will that you’ve been eating premium grade A rib eye steaks for your entire life and suddenly someone tries to convince you to switch to a Mickey D’s cheeseburger. There is no comparison.

Pay Per Head Is The Best Bet

First off, ask yourself when was the last time that the government got involved in anything new and didn’t completely mangle it? We are bombarded with news stories everyday about how state and local government flush millions of dollars down the toilet on some project that never pans out as promised.

Those states that decide to take a crack at playing bookmaker won’t fair any better than they do at repairing pot holes. Pay per head bookies can rest assured that they will be in business for as long as they want and here’s why.

Top 5 Reasons Pay Per Head Best for Bookies

The top 5 reason for why your pay per head bookie will be better than a state sponsored sportsbook:

  1. Your local bookie gives you credit. Not only do you not have to pay up front each week but many players have a settle figure which means no money changes hands until you either win or lose $X number of dollars.
  2. Your local bookie gives you the human touch that the government never will. Human relationships mean a lot, especially in the sportsbook game. If you have a really bad week losing money chances are your local guy will give you a buyout because he knows you’ll keep playing. Try asking the government for a debt relief program if you go overboard.
  3. All your transactions will now be recorded by the government. Many players might not care about reporting wins and losses to their state officials but some definitely will. One of the best reasons to bet with a local pay per head bookie is that they keep your action anonymous.
  4. Who know what the states will come up with? People hear legalized sports betting and automatically assume they’ll have Vegas style sportsbooks on every corner. That is very wishful thinking. Contrary to popular belief sportsbook operate on a pretty slim profit margin. The states will be looking at every angle to squeeze the maximum amount of money from every ticket, not to mention the professional leagues and players unions. Everybody will be looking to cash in on player betting and that means reduced payouts or exorbitant odds .
  5. Access to a gambling account. There are many questions about how the betting will be made available. Will you have to go down to the store like when you buy a lottery ticket? Will you have to go to a casino to place wagers? How will online betting work? Not to mention the events that are available. Negotiations will have to be made to offer NCAA sports along with international events and then there is the question of betting limits. What if the state offers a max bet of $200 or some other absurd number.

There are many questions but 2 things are certain. 1) The state will make a mess of running their sportsbooks and 2) Your local pay per head bookie is going to be in business for a long time to come!