Pay Per Head Websites for Bookies

By – Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head Service

US Bookies who use pay per head services know that the real value is having access to pay per head websites. Pay per head websites give players access to betting lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They also give players access to online casino action and all major horse track betting.

PPH Websites Earn Huge Profits for Bookies

When players are able to wager money with their bookmaker any time, any place, the bookies are going to rake in huge profits. The bottom line with running a profitable sportsbook business is wager volume. Having players who place multiple bets on multiple sports on a regular basis is the key.

Pay per head websites are able to provide US Bookies with a vast array of wagering options to offer to their players. All the major sports with spreads, totals and money lines, parlays set to specified payout parameters, teasers for basketball and football. Wagers like props, futures and live betting along with many additional sports like World Cup Soccer and foreign leagues. Many of these types of wagers would be extremely difficult for an average bookie to provide on their own.

PPH Websites Offer Real Time Reporting

All that being said perhaps the biggest advantage pay per head websites offer bookies is access to state of the art reporting tools which allow them to track every dollar in real time. Bookmakers can login into the administrative side of their account from a regular PC or any mobile device and get an immediate overview of everything theior players are doing.

Using a pay per head website means that all the book keeping of running a sportsbook is handled. No more pen and paper or spending hours trying to figure out who owes what. No more lost betting slips or arguing with players over who they bet on and how much.

All player action is clearly tracked with a unique ticket# that is issued on every confirmed bet. The player must go through a triple confirmation procedure for every wager so that there can be no doubt that the  wager is legit. Pay per head websites can also provide bookie agents with the I.P. address from where the wager was placed so a player can’t deny it was them.

There really can’t be any doubt in 2018 and the world of modern technology in which we all live that US bookies should be using pay per head websites to run their business. The secret is finding a good one that you can rely on to give you confidence, security and trust in the operation. Contact today and find out how they can give you the best pay per head service at the best PPH price.