Pay Per Head Software, It’s What The Pros Use!

By Harley Wyatt – Pay Per Head Software Update

Bookie agents throughout the United States have been using Pay Per Head Soidtware for over a decade now and it keeps getting better.

Over 10 year ago the pay per head service industry exploded onto the internet. Many traditional sportsbook offices located in Costa Rica and other offshore locations decided to re-purpose themselves as contractors. The offshore sportsbooks noticed a dramatic increase in the number of people in the US who wanted access to their sophisticated pay per head software but didn’t want to relocate to Costa Rica.

Pay per head software gives bookies all the betting tools of a major Las Vegas casino. All the wagering options that a player could ask for coupled with back-end reporting for the bookies. Up until that time most US bookies were using some hybrid software or antiquated reporting system. Very few of them had the expertise or technical know how to go beyond the most basic offering.

Pay Per Head Service for Bookies

It was demand that drove the offshore sportbooks into recruiting local bookies as part of their business. When it first started; Pay per head offices were charging obscene rates up to $50 or even $100 per player per week.

Due the lucrative nature of essentially charging someone rent on your servers the pay per head business model quickly took off. With increased completion came better service options and lower prices. Bookies were no longer treated as second class renters mooching off the sportsbook service but rather became the favored client.

Offshore Pay per Head Websites

Many sportsbooks switched over to servicing agent bookies exclusively. They offered customized package setup options that allowed anyone to sign up and give their players exactly what they wanted. Everything from reduced juice to parlay odds to weird teasers were now on the table.

Best of all the price started coming down dramatically. Bookies across the US could now find professional, quality pay per head service for around $10. In fact, the price wars got so out of control that many bookies realized they might want to pay a little more for their service or they’d be back to square one doing everything themselves.

Remember, when you’re looking for a pay per head service this year you’re doing it to make your life easier. Yes it’s nice to save a few bucks when you can but don’t go overboard. You want the PPH site you use to take care of the crap you don’t want to deal with and you want it done right the first time every time!