5 Reasons US Bookies Use Pay Per Head Websites

By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head News

Bookies throughout the United States have woken up to the many benefits that pay per head websites offer them. What was once a thankless task of micro manageing a sportsbook on a daily basis has now turned into a simple daily check in on how much money US bookies are making.

Pay per head Services offer Professional Sportsbook Software

These days everyone is online. Technology has provided bookies with the tools to provide a sports betting experience for their players that was once only available in Las Vegas Casinos. Now, with access to professional sports betting software, anyone can open a sportsbook business and start taking action today.

Top 5 Reasons US Bookies Use PPH Sites

  1. Pay per head websites are located offshore in countries like Costa Rica where sports betting online on legal. A pay per head website keeps the gambling records in offshore servers and data centers.
  2. Pay per head sportsbook software is so easy to use and manage. If you can send an email you can navigate the reporting. Most of the sports betting reports are intuitive, point and click for the info.
  3. Pay per head websites give the bookie total control over what their players can bet on. The sports betting software allows you to control betting limits, payouts, access to horses and casino, custom tailored odds, you name it.
  4. It’s a known fact of bookmaking that the more your players gamble the more you will take in profits. It’s a simple formula of around 5% of your volume. If your players are rolling through $100,000 in a week you should be able to count on making $5000 in profit. The best way to increase your volume is to offer more betting options and pay per head websites can allow you to do just that.
  5. Perhaps the #1 reason US bookies use pay per head websites is because they give them their lives back. Say goodbye to hours sitting behind a computer monitoring every line and wager. No more late nights calculating parlay payouts at 2am. With sophisticated mobile management you can some freedom to spend time with friends and family and spending some of your hard earned profits.

Pay per head websites can put you in a position where your job essentially becomes collecting money from your players when it’s time to settle up. The cost is minimal, usually around $8-$10 per player per week but the benefits are in many ways invaluable.