Best PPH Sportsbook for Bookies

By Harley Wyatt – Pay Per Head News

I’ve worked in and been around PPH sportsbooks practically my whole adult life. I’ve always been interested in gambling, even as a kid I picked up the rules for craps from some TV show and would play endlessly with my friends or by myself. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of weird and crazy stuff when it comes to gambling, seen fortunes won and lost in a mere matter of seconds. Whether it was one card, one tumble of the die, or a few mind boggling seconds that turned the tide of a game I’ve witnessed glory and defeat in many forms.

When it comes to running your own sportsbook it’s pretty much a given that you have a pay per head account with an office that’s probably located in Costa Rica. I’ve seen the in’s and out’s how pay per head works and if you’re looking for the best PPH Sportsbook I have some advice for you.

PPH Sites a Must Have for Bookies

Pay per head or PPH sportsbooks will give you the platform you’ve been dreaming of to make your life as a bookie so much easier. What a PPH Sportsbook does is give you your own PPH Site for your players to log into online and place their bets. It’s even better than Vegas because a PPH Sportsbook site can be accessed from anywhere in the world 24/7/365.

Maybe the best part about using a PPH Sportsbook is that it will cut down on your work load dramatically. Sports betting software for bookies will run all the reports you need to see whose winning what, where and how much and especially whose losing and will need a collection call. All those hours you used to spend trying to go through your figures and tallying up hundreds of betting slips can now be spent collecting money from your players and recruiting new ones.

Turnkey PPH Sportbook Business

It may sound to good to be true but believe me, if you haven’t been using a PPH Sportsbook you are late to the party. Thousands of bookies across the USA have been using PPH Sportsbooks for years to help manage and grow their business.

With the best pph sportsbooks it only takes an hour or 2 to get started. Most of them will set you up without a deposit or at the minimum give you a few weeks to get rolling before they charge you any fees. Basically what you pay is a price per head of around $8 per player each week that they use the site.

I’ve been in the PPH Sportsbook game for many years now and I can honestly tell you that this will change your life as a bookie. You will finally be able to enjoy some of the fruits of your labors and spend time with friends and family rather than being couped up in an office every weekend staring at a computer. Check out as one of the highest rated PPH Sportsbooks in the business today.