Free Pay Per Head Demo

By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head News

Pay per head services usually offer potential clients the opportunity to try out their per head websites before they make a commitment to open an account. Smart bookies will take advantage of this to evaluate the pay per head service that best suits their needs. Whn it comes to gettinga free pay per head demo don’t be lazy.

Best pay per head service

Bookies who want the best pay per head service should understand that the term is pretty subjective. It’s kind of like trying to determine the best fast food hamburger. Maybe your go to burger is a Big Mac but let’s be honest, sometimes you get on a Whopper kick and need to feed the urge.

Getting a free pay per head demo will allow you to determine if the service you are interested in using can give you what you need. Because here again, no matter how good the chicken is a Chik-fil-A you don’t want bird you want burger.

Customized Pay Per Head Service

The best pay per head service will be one that doesn’t try to sell you on what you don’t need. They won’t try to convince you that the way you and your players have always done business together is wrong. The best pay per head service will give you customized options that allow you to pick and choose from various sports betting software functions.

If you want reduced juice and give your players a -105 betting line that shouldn’t be an issue. If you want to adjust your parlay odds, no problem. If you want to customize the settings on an individual player account you need to be accommodated.

The bottom line is that the only way to get the best pay per head service is to speak with a professional account representative that explain your options clearly so you know what your getting. Then you can put them to the test with a free pay per head demo to see if they can deliver.