5 Essential Pay Per Head Software Tools

By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head News

Professional bookmakers who manage their own sportbook business know that the best and most efficient way to give your players what they want is to use a Pay Per head service. Pay per head, or per head or simply PPH service is provided to local bookies from offshore offices mainly located in Costa Rica.

Offshore Pay Per Head for Bookies

The advantages to using an offshore pay per head service are huge. Bookies get access to cutting edge sports betting software, Casino software and all major international horse tracks. Per head software tools put bookies in the driver’s seat for churning out big profits year round.

Maybe the biggest advantage is the fact that all wagering activity happens outside their home country in a jurisdiction that is gambling friendly. It certainly cuts down on any risk of legal issues for the bookmaker.

Top 5 Pay Per Head Software Tools

There are many tools in the tool box when you’re using a professional Per Head service, however, here are 5 that you absolutely must have:

  1. A good looking website for your players to gamble on. The look of the website is a reflection on your commitment to excellence. If the site looks like it was designed by monkeys hammering on keyboards it will make you look bad. It is also an indicator that your Pay Per Head service doesn’t care about quality.
  2. With per head websites it is more important that they actually work correctly. You must insist on the site being accessible to your players 24/7/365 no matter what. It needs to have both a regular website format as well as a mobile format. More and more players are using smart phones to place bets these days and you want it to be as easy as possible.
  3. Abundance of sports betti8ng options. This is even more important during the slow times of the year after football ends. Keep your players gambling year round by offering them betting options on MLB, PGA Golf, Tennis, World Cup Soccer and more. You will be surprised at the action you get.
  4. Casino software is a money maker. This is another per head software tool that you need to use to maximize profits. Don’t be afraid to open up the casino to your players. You can set win/loss limits and control the games they have access to.
  5. You need knowledgeable tech and service support from your pay per head provider. Preferably this will involve having your very own representative with the PPH company that you can establish a relationship with. No one expects you to become a computer expert to use a Pay Per Head service. With friendly, experienced support just a phone call away it is easy to manage your account and your players.

If you can get these 5 essential per head software tools covered you’re well on your way to establishing a professional and profitable gambling platform for your players. One that you can be proud of.