Per Head Software Creating Huge Profits for Bookies

By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head News

Bookies who are using per head software to manage their sportsbook business are raking in huge profits this year. While some bookies using the traditional methods of running a sportsbook are getting crushed this year with NCAA basketball, per head software clients are making out like bandits.

Bookie line management software

The reasons are simple. Per head software allows bookies to control every aspect of their sportsbook. Everything from what players can bet on, to how much and most importantly when. Many players are killing it this year in college hoops by betting the games early and getting huge value on betting lines that move multiple points by game time.

It’s tough to turn a profit as bookie when the line on the favorite opens at -1 and ends up -6 by game time. That’s a 5 point value you’re giving to the player and iun this business you need every advantage you can get.

Pay Per Head Line Manager

By using pay per head software, bookies are putting themselves in the driver’s seat when it comes to what lines their players can see. If you have players who are getting an unwanted edge by betting games early no matter which sports you need to open a pay per head agent account today.

With per head software you can set your own numbers, spreads, totals and moneylines along with controlling payouts on parlays and teaser limits. You can hide games from players so that they can’t bet the game until you’re satisfied with the number they’ll be getting.

Smart bookies use pay per head services because it gives them the ultimate control over their sportsbook business. If you want to take your sports betting operation to the next level it’s time to get serious and contact a pay per head service today.