How To Become a Bookie

By Harley Wyatt – Pay Per Head News

For those intrepid, entrepreneurial types who are looking to start up their own sportsbook business and become bookies I have good news! It is now easier than it’s ever been for bookies to enter the market and start making loads of cash each and every week.

Turnkey Pay Per Head Sportsbook Service

Pay per head services offer turnkey bookmaking solutions by giving their bookie clients the very latest and best in sports betting and gambling software. Gone are the days of pen and paper and finding a location in your local area to set up a bank of phones. Gone are the days of hiring and training people to take bets from players and hoping that you’ll be able to trust them. No more late nights turning into early mornings spending hours grading betting slips and calculating wins and losses.

3 Steps to Become a Bookie

Today’s modern bookies have turned to pay per head services located in Costa Rica to handle the micro-management of the business. If you are wondering how to become a bookie all it really takes is following 3 easy, yet very important steps.

  1. Get yourself some players. Make sure that they are reliable and will be able to pay for their losses. Develop a vetting process so that you can have some assurance of getting paid. Be careful about recruiting “big talkers” who want to bet thousands on a game. Know your players!
  2. You need a bank roll to get started. Yes being a bookie is profitable and yes your players will, for the most part, lose money in the end. However, nothing will sink your sportsbook faster than if your players have a winning week and you can’t pay. Word will spread that you can’t handle the action and you’re finished.
  3. Find yourself a quality pay per head service to run your action through. You should expect to pay a service fee between $8-$10 per player per week to get the best service. Cheaper pay per head offices will make you do all the work while the more expensive ones are just ripping you off. A quality pay per head service will ensure your players can place bets online 24/7 and grade games immediately when they’re completed. They will keep an accurate running total of your players win and losses.

If you want more information on how to become a bookie the best pay per head offices like can provide you with invaluable information and advice. Many PPH services have been around for over a decade and have dealt with every conceivable scenario that you may be wondering about. If the pay per head service you’re thinking about using can’t give you that level of customer service you need to look elsewhere.