Pros and Cons of Cheapest Pay Per Head Service

By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head News

Bookies who start out looking for pay per head service are often attracted to the cheapest pay per head they can find. Their thinking goes something like this:

“I’ve been running my sportsbook on my own for years. Sure, this pay per head service will make it a little easier but I’ll still be doing most of the work so why should I pay more? I’m going to find the cheapest pay per head and save a lot of money”

Pay Per Head Services are not all the same

This line of thinking is flawed. It assumes that all pay per head services are created equal, that they are essentially just cookie cutter imitations of each other. One is as good as the other so go with the best price right?

Bookies that are familiar with using pay per head services for their sportsbook business know that getting the cheapest pay per head is often a one way ticket to disaster. Unfortunately they had to learn this lesson the hard way and for some the lesson was very expensive indeed.

Essential Pay Per Head Services

Here is the honest truth about finding a quality pay per head service that you can trust with your sportsbook business and make money with year round. The cheapest pay per head will typically offer virtually no customer support. If you go with the lowest price you will end up working very hard to manage your sportsbook and players.

The cheapest pay per head services typically provide email support only which can be maddeningly slow when you encounter issues. Response times can take days when you need answers within minutes. Bookies will now need to micro-manage their account and take care of even the simplest tasks. This means becoming a computer expert with sports betting software that is unfamiliar or confusing.

This is the opposite of why a bookie would want to use a pay per head service in the first place. You should be reducing your work load so that you can focus on keeping players paid up and recruiting new ones. If you’re using the cheapest pay per head service and still doing everything yourself something is wrong. Problems that arise will end up costing you money on bad lines and mistakes or players who are simply fed up and take their business elsewhere.

The secret to getting quality pay per head service is to first and foremost make sure they are giving you what you need to be successful. Good lines, reliable website access and dependable customer support. Only after you can be assured of that should you start negotiating with price. You won’t get the cheapest pay per head but you will get the best. Spending a few extra bucks today can turn into thousands of dollars in profits tomorrow.