Bookie Sites, Sportsbook Websites for Bookmakers

By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head Agent News

Bookie sites or bookies websites offer sports betting agent bookmakers with professional grade sports betting software to help manage their sportsbook business. Bookie sites give bookmakers a complete gambling platform with sports, casino and horse racing for their players.

Sports Betting Software for agents

Bookie sites are offered by pay per head services to bookmakers for a modest fee which allows them to keep track of their players gambling activities. Most Bookie sites are dedicated to sportsbook software wagering platforms which allow players to place bets on virtually any sporting event in the world. The most popular sports betting occurs on NFL football, NBA and NCAA basketball as well as MLB baseball and international soccer.

In addition to the most popular sports bookie sites also provide odds for betting on boxing, PGA golf, MMA fighting, tennis and carracing. The list of events and ways to bet them is endless. Players are able to parlay teams together or place futures bets months in advance of who will emerge as champion of their league.

How to become a pay per head bookie

Becoming a pay per head bookie with your own bookie site is easier than most people think. The pay per head industry has been active in countries in like Costa Rica, where sports betting is legal, for more than 10 years. Previously you needed to know somebody connected to the sports betting industry to get set up with an account. These days any prospective bookmaker simply needs to do a little research online and make a few phone calls.

Best Pay Per Head Service

Now that bookies know that they can get a bookie site and sports betting software from pay per head services they need to be careful where they sign up with. Not all bookie software or PPH service is the same, some will charge you too much for the service, others will make you do everything yourself. What bookies need from a good bookie site is English speaking customer service from experienced professionals and quality of service from the sports betting software that will allow them to run a smooth gambling business with clear player reporting data.

There are many options to choose from. If an offer seems too good to be true like “free pay per head service” or “$2 pay per head service” you are definitely taking a risk with your business. The average price in the pay per head industry is about $10 per player per week, if you stay within a few bucks of that you should be good. Remember that you’re the boss! Don’t let a pay per head service bully you into taking on an account that you’re not comfortable with.