Bookies Enjoy Free Pay Per Head Service

By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head News

It’s a Slam Dunk! Bookies who are looking for free pay per head service should look no further than pay per head services like Now that the NFL football season is wrapped up and College basketball is entering the final weeks of tournament playoffs bookies have an excellent opportunity to save some money.

As the sports betting industry moves into it’s low season many pay per head service providers are offering great incentives for bookies to switch services. The most common of which is free pay per head service for new clients.

$8 Per Head for New Agents

Now you shouldn’t think that that means you will get quality sport betting service for you and your players at absolutely zero cost. Unfortunately you will still have to shell some money each month if you want the best service. However, by switching to a new pay per head office you can usually negotiate a better rate than you are currently paying and get free pay per head service thrown in as an added bonus.

The best companies like which has been a top ranked pay per head service for many years offers new clients up to six weeks of free service. In addition to this they offering clients competitive pricing based on player numbers. Most new agents will get a flat rate of $8 per player per week which also includes horse racing, live dealer and virtual casino.

Free Trial Pay Per Head Service

Make no mistake, if you encounter a pay per head service that is offering a deal that seems too good to be true you should think twice before trusting them to handle your business. However, well established pay per head operations like PPHCR have combined the best of all worlds to give their clients great value without sacrificing the security and trust you expect.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to settle for less. If you are unsure about switching than ask for free test account logins that will enable you to try before you buy from a pay per head office.