Sports Betting Software for Bookies Made Easy

By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head News

Before opening an account with an offshore pay per head service many bookies were becoming overwhelmed with the work load that comes with running a sportsbook. They were either spending an unimaginable number of hours each week calculating wins and losses on some kind of bet ticket system. Or they were under performing and losing profits and customers due to the fact that they couldn’t keep up with player demand for more wagering options and sporting events.

Pay Per Head Service for Bookies

Once they discovered the pay per head sports betting software services available to them the bookies were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. Professional grade, turnkey bookmaking software means that there were no more long nights doing parlay calculations and figuring out wins and losses. No more lost tickets and player complaints about missing out on games. Most important of all there was no longer any need for a physical base of operations or phone rooms which required employees to operate close to game time.

The old school way of owning and operating your very on sportsbook was now a relic of the past. Technology and demand had finally caught up to a niche business that created a booming market for bookie services in countries like Costa Rica.

Why Costa Rica for a sport betting service? The best reason is because it’s a legal industry that was established over 30 years ago by bookies looking to make it big. The gold rush days of coming to Costa Rica to open a sportsbook for public action has mostly faded away. There are still some of the bigger shops but the tide has turned in the market.

Bookies Making Huge Profits using Pay Per Head

The big shift has been towards catering to the existing bookmakers who are already established in the U.S. The market is for those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds, mainly the enormous benefits that come with having access to easily manageable sports betting software as well as anomynity. If all the sports betting happens in Costa Rica it makes the likelihood of a “bust” very remote to say the least.

The bottom line is that bookies who use pay per head services in Costa Rica basically only have to worry about meeting up with their players each week to get paid. If collecting thousands of dollars for yourself each and every week sounds like a good line of work for you make the call today.