By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head Agent News

As pay per head agents prepare for the upcoming March Madness tournament in NCAA college basketball they are turning to their PPH service providers for advice on how to maximize their sportsbook profits. Pay per head services offer a wide variety of wagering options on every sport imaginable and can offer good advice on this can be utilized to the maximum advantage of sportsbook owners.

One common concern for bookmakers is players who pick off early opening lines on NCAA college basketball games. It is well known that many games will experience a significant amount of line movement right up until the game goes off. How can a bookie prevent players from getting an unwanted advantage on these line moves?

A professional pay per head office will give bookies the ability to control what lines the player sees and when they can bet them. This is accomplished through two features that any respectable PPH office will provide in the way of sports betting software.

  • Segregating early lines and opening lines on NCAA college basketball from game day lines. Many lines on the upcoming games will be posted the day before and sometimes earlier. A simple way to prevent player action is to treat them as a separate wager type from game day lines. If a game is designated as an early or overnight line the bookmaker can simply refuse action. Players will be forced to bet their college hoops only on the day the game is played.
  • Agent line mover and sportsbook line management tools are essential to controlling player action. A sports line management software program allows the agent to adjust lines and totals on games and also hide games completely from players until they are satisfied with what’s being offered.

Choosing a professional pay per head service for your sportsbook business is more than just the price per player you are offered. The best PPH shops will not only give you a fair price but also the bookmaking tools you need to succeed and representatives you can call on for help when you need it. Don’t deny yourself the peace of mind that comes with shopping around for the best of all worlds.