By Harley Wyatt – Pay Per Head Agent News

Sports Book business owners who use Pay Per Head services have been reaping the rewards of increased profits for many years now. Ever since the PPH sports betting service industry exploded onto the scene 10 years ago it has been a God send for bookmakers who used to have to do everything themselves. Micro-managing a sports book is a thankless and time consuming endeavor. These days pretty much anyone with a bank roll, a good social network and nerves of steel can set up a betting shop with a pay per head office.

Here are a 3 tips for pay per head agents that are good to keep in mind regardless of whether you’re just getting your business started or have been at it for decades.

  1. Bookies need to be liquid, you have to have a supply of cash on hand to cover your losses on those weeks when your players actually win. Nothing will sink your reputation and your business faster than if word gets out that you are a slow pay or no pay book.
  2. Know your players and keep an eye on them. Although Pay Per Head betting software services can make your business run like clockwork you need to keep an eye on what players are betting and how they might be beating you. If a player wins a few weeks but has a history of being a loser that’s fine but don’t take it for granted, he may have learned a few new tricks and has changed up his betting pattern.
  3. Get rid of dead weight players. Unless the guy is your father in law or brings other players into your book you should cut dead weight action when you spot it. Typically this kind of player never wins or loses very big but over the course of a couple years his total action is basically break even. When you consider your cost to pay for his service, meet up to change money etc. he becomes a liability. If a player consistently beats me for any amount of money there again, take a pass on his business. You are not a public service so reserve your right to refuse it to players who cost you money.

Pay Per Head sports betting services have made things a lot easier for bookies but the good ones know that if you keep an eye on the nickels the dollars will take care of themselves.