By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head Agent News

3 Reasons To Use Pay Per Head

With Super Bowl LII in the record books with a dramatic finish worthy of a Hollywood thriller we turn our thoughts to Bookmakers who are looking for professional PPH Service. If you are a bookmaker who hasn’t heard of Pay Per Head Sports Betting Service you are going to love what they have to offer. Pay Per Head service will make your life so much easier and improve your bottom line by putting more money in your pocket from your players. Here are 3 reasons to switch your sportsbook business over to PPH today.

  1. Pay Per Head services offer you the very best and latest in computer technology to help you manage your players and your money. You will get access to professional grade sports betting software that is on par with that used in major sportsbooks in Las Vegas and World Wide.
  2. With professional Sports Betting software at your disposal you will immediately notice an increase in player action. All good bookmakers know that the more their players gamble the higher their profits will be. This is based on a simple mathematic principal called HOLD Percentage. The basic house edge from the juice charged on wagers should give the bookmaker at least a 5% HOLD. So if you’re booking $10,000 in action you should be able to rely on a $500 profit. If you can increase your action to $100,000 that’s now $5000 etc.
  3. Experienced professionals who run the Pay Per Head offices, most of which are located in Costa Rica, can help you set up your account in a way that gives you the maximum benefit. Helpful, English Speaking representatives who have years of experience dealing with agents of all sorts from around the USA can give you insightful tips on making your business as profitable as possible.