By Harley Wyatt – PPH Agent News

Sports book agents who are looking for a professional PPH service or Pay Per Head office need roll up their sleeves and do some research. Pay per head service has greatly expanded over the past few years but don’t be fooled into thinking that they are all basically the same. There are many key factors that should be considered before staking your livelihood on it.

PPH Pricing – Obviously the price you will pay is an important part of picking a Pay Per Head service but it shouldn’t be the deal breaker. Sports betting agents who have experience with PPH companies will tell you that a “fair price” for PPH service is more important than the absolute lowest price. You need to find the balance between what you are paying and what you are receiving. If a cheap pay per head company starts costing you profits and players due to bad service you will wish you had paid a few extra dollars to get the best.

Sports betting options – The best way for an agent to maximize their profits is by increasing the amount of money their players wager every week. This is known as the sportsbook handle. The bigger your handle the bigger your cut of the losses. If a player can only bet their money 1 way you’re looking at a coin toss as to whether you make any money off them. If a player has multiple sports betting options for their favotite games they will churn through more wagers and your profits increase.

Betting software – High quality betting software is key to running a successful sports betting business. Giving your players access to cutting edge technology which allows them to access their account from any number of internet devices incluing tablets, smart phones, lap tops, wifi access or regular PCs will guarantee player satisfaction and increase their wagering activity.

These are just a few reasons why bookmakers need to thoroughly vet any prospective Pay per head service before committing. Ask questions, ask for a demo, make sure that they can accommodate any special requests you have and are willing to go the extra mile to make you happy and profitable.