By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head Agent News

Professional bookmaking, with online per head services like, is reaching new heights of success on par with any sportsbook in Las Vegas. The offshore industry has been advancing their infrastructure little by little over the years to the point where they now surpass the wagering options available at even the most well known international casinos.

Gamblers around the world have been flocking to the offshore books for good reason. They are not bogged down by the many ridiculous and superfluous regulations of government regulated sports betting. The offshore industry in Costa Rica, although unregulated, is firmly rooted in the old school code of conduct. The sportsbook’s self governance drives a kind of co-operative competition to one up each other in the areas of transparency and fairness.

You see, in government regulated sports betting the casino can always pass off unpopular policies on bogus regulations that, although they do not agree with them, they are required to follow in order to have a gaming license. The customer is told to direct their complaints to the state gaming authority if they don’t like it and we all know how responsive bureaucratic agencies are to public complaints.

Price per head services and other sports betting operations located offshore are simply more responsive to client requests and suggestions especially when they’re based on logical common sense approaches to bookmaking. With PPH companies the bookie is the boss and can demand virtually any customization of the product they offer to their clients. Whether it’s reduced juice, special odds on parlays or unconventional teaser point configurations, companies like PPHCR is made to deliver.

More and more bookmakers and agents are moving their business to countries like Costa Rica for this very reason. When it comes right down to it the best part of being a bookie is counting up your hard earned winnings every week. Playing around with the numbers and odds can be fun but it can also be a tedious chore. Price per head services take care of the dirty work of posting odds and grading games so that the bookie can take the roll of an overseer. Monitoring his action and keeping players paid up. They can jump into the trenches and get their hands dirty whenever they want which is a nice option to be able to choose as opposed to a mandatory daily routine that can become an exhausting grind.