By Harley Wyatt – Pay Per Head Agent News

PPH Sportsbook Service is really the only way to run your sports betting business if you are from the USA. PPH Sportsbook Services cover every aspect of running a professional sports betting business that the average local bookmaker could possibly conceive of. In addition to all the major sports including: NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, all pro Soccer leagues, Tennis, PGA Golf, MMA, NASCAR and much much more; they also have you covered on all the sports betting options like straight wagers, parlays, teasers, prop bets, futures wagers and live betting. If you are still trying to compete with other agents in your area who have already signed up with a PPH sportsbook you should retire.

In addition to giving their players 24/7 access to every major sporting event in the world they are also able to offer all major Horse Racing Tracks and a variety of Casino games including both single player virtual casino and Live Dealer Casino where the player’s cards are dealt out to them over the internet by sexy Latinas from Costa Rica.

The thing to keep to keep in mind with PPH sportsbooks and sports betting services is that they are not all created equal. On the surface they may appear to be the same but then again so do a lot of cars and trucks. You could argue the merits of Chevy and Ford until the cows come home but at the end of day there are differences that matter to the consumer. The same rules apply in the offshore sportsbetting industry.

For example: Is there someone you can communicate with at the PPH office call center? Someone who not only speaks English but actually understands what you want and need? Is their website access connection going to be reliable so that you don’t find yourself holding your dick in your hand on Sunday morning when your players are calling YOU because they can’t place bets online? What about mobile Smartphone access? If you want to recruit the younger generation you need to have a good mobile connection.

Of course price is going to be a concern. In today’s market you should never be paying more than $12 per players per week. However, you need to be careful of trying to skimp on your service fees and ending up with shit service that doesn’t do what you need it to when you need it to. What good does it do you to be paying $3 per head when none of your players can place any bets and you’re back writing tickets over the phone like a chump? What good does it do you to have a player lose $5K in the casino and suddenly your Pay Per Head Office wants 10% of the losses? Where were they when he was winning?