By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head Agent News

Pay Per Head Service or PPH and sometimes referred to as Price Per Head is a service that is available to assist bookmakers with the day to day operation of their sports betting business. Local bookies have been taking action from gamblers for as long as anyone can remember. In the “old days” the bookmaker had to take care of every aspect of running a Sportsbook including posting betting lines, taking wagers and grading the games when the results were final. This is a very labor intensive process that takes up many hours and requires numerous people to make it run smoothly.

After that the Sportsbook operator still has to get paid. This is another time consuming process entirely which involves a lot of running around and scheduling meetings with people and in some cases tracking down gamblers who are reluctant to pay their debt.

The offshore gambling industry which has been offering Sports betting accounts to gamblers for years has opened a door which allows the local bookmaker to take advantage of the many gambling software products that have been developed over the past few decades.

Essentially what this means is that a local bookie can open what is called an Agent account with an offshore Pay Per Head service. The PPH office will take care of all the wagering side of the business; posting betting odds, taking wagers and grading games. Players have the option to access their account both online, even with mobile devices or through a call center with a trained wagering clerk.

The Pay Per Head service will not only free up the bookmaker from the daily task of writing his player action but also allow him to significantly increase the number of sports and events he can take action on. PPH Service offers a turnkey solution to running a profitable sportsbook that is on par with the ones in Las Vegas.

With this side of the business being taken care of the Agent can focus their efforts on keeping their players paid up and recruiting new players. The Pay Per Head service will not only write your action but will do it offshore in a jurisdiction where online sports betting is legal.