by Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head Agent News

Sooner or later every professional bookmaker will have to deal with a “Wiseguy” player, also known as “Sharps”, sharp bettors are essentially professional gamblers. Wiseguys are bad for business because they consistently win more often than they lose which is going to cut into your profits and bring down your bottom line. Professional Pay Per Head Services can help you weed them out and get your Sports Betting action back on track.

Always remember that just because you are a local bookmaker does not oblige you to have to take Sports Betting action from every swinging dick that comes along looking for action. You are running a business with the help of a PPH Service that is based on a mathematical house edge which should in theory be paying you at least 5% profit on your total volume of wagers. If you book $100,000 in action you should be able to count on at least $5000 of that money going directly into your pocket.

So how do you tell the difference between a “Sharp” gambler and one who is simply on a lucky winning streak? Whether a player is winning or losing there are a few simple ways to pick out the pros in your player group.

  1. Selective Betting – Wiseguys will give you limited action usually only placing 1 or 2 bets on any given day for the maximum limit. They put a lot of research into selecting games that they have determined to be the best value. They don’t chase losses and may go days between placing wagers.
  2. 1st Half/2nd Half Bettors – This applies to all sports that offer wagering options on portions of the game results rather than the entire event. When a player is primarily betting the 1st and 2nd halves or partial wagers like the 1st 5 innings in Baseball or even Quarters this is a sign that they are a Wiseguy.
  3. Unconventional Wagers and Sports – This is where a player constantly surprises you by placing full limit bets on obscure wager types like Player Props or Unknown teams in European Leagues or Tennis Tournaments.
  4. Beating You to The Number – This is the type of player who always seems to be ahead of the line move. Whether he bets the game early or late, by the time it goes off the board he seems to constantly get the best number for the side he takes. This type of player is known as a “screen watcher” or “steam chaser”. They have access to a line service that shows them which way the action is going across many Sportsbooks and jump on numbers when they spot value., a premium Pay Per Head Service for Agents, offers Free Risk management services to our clients to help you spot Wiseguys and offer advice on how to handle them when you do.