By Harley Wyatt – Pay Per Head Agent News

There’s an old saying that gives good advice for living a good life. It says that every man needs a Doctor, a Lawyer and a Mechanic that he can trust. With a solid individual behind you in these positions you pretty much have your bases covered for whatever problems, big or small, may come your way. However, whoever put the list together left out one important functionary vital to the well being and mental health of the average man. You have to have a solid Bookie you can trust.

Gambling in general but specifically Sports Betting is a leisure activity that mankind has indulged since the ancient days of primitive tribes. Competitiveness is an essential part of what makes up the human psyche even as a bystander picking the winner of any contest. Just as long as heroic men have been taking pride in their accomplishments other men have taken equal pride in their ability to predict who those champions will be.

Having a good Bookie takes all the stress out of indulging your gambling bug. There is nothing worse than handing over payment after payment each week to a local book and then the one week you hit it big on those ridiculous 7 team parlays you’re playing, he up and disappears and you never get to collect. If he doesn’t close up shop on you he may put you on the slow pay plan hoping you’ll lose all your winnings back to him. Any way you slice it its bad business and leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

So how can you tell a good bookie from a bad one? For starters you should be playing with someone who has some longevity in the business. Look for someone who is known by people you can trust and has a track record of always being open for business. Ask him how long he’s been in business and how many players he deals with. Beware of any Bookie who’s trying to “sell” you on how big he is and the amount of action he books. A good bookie will have a quiet confidence in his ability to take your action and won’t give you a song and dance about his business.

If he needs you more than you need him, walk away. Look out for signs of a limited bank roll. Is he living week to week off of player losses or does he have the ability to weather the storm if the players beat him for 2 or 3 weeks in a row. Money management is a key factor in being a successful Bookie. Also keep an eye out for reckless behavior. Do you ever see your bookie gambling excessively or taking shots with people on huge bets that are way beyond the normal limits he takes. Pride can take down a Bookie quickly if they start taking action that is outside their comfort zone.

Get to know your bookie on a personal level, build a relationship with him as you would with your Mechanic. Bookies often treat players as players treat them so pay your losses promptly and without excuse or grumbling and you can expect the same from him when he has to pay up.