By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head Agent News

At first look a lot of Pay Per Head services may seem the same on the surface but professional bookmakers know that this is not the case. You need to put your players with a price per head shop that is going to consistently deal sharp numbers to your them if you are going to be profitable. In today’s high tech super connected world any gambler can get an enormous amount of information on any given game. Up to the minute weather reports, player injuries and insider news, line moves happening around the industry and much more is now just a click of the mouse away.

Many players are discovering websites that post the picks of so-called professional gamblers or wiseguys. Many sites will show players where the action is headed on each and every game. Line services which offer up to the second reports on line moves throughout the industry give players a heads up on where the line is going and enables them to jump on soft numbers. This is called “betting steam”. There are of course no guarantees that the number will come into play or that it’s a sure fire method of winning but there is no doubt that the player can gain a significant edge by always getting the best number on a side or total.

Price per head services like give agents the ability to combat these kinds of hyper connected players and maintain their edge. Sports betting is often compared to buying and selling stocks; it’s all about the information you have on the players and teams combined with getting the best value on every wager. Discouraging this kind of action from your players can be as simple as putting a few seconds delay on them before they can confirm their bet. This ensures that they will always get the freshest, sharpest number.

Player management is crucial to maintaining profitability year round. Knowing how to always give your players just enough rope for them to hang themselves with takes skill. Some Pay Per Head Sports betting services don’t really care if their agents are doing well or not. They set you up with a basic package and then cut you loose. Their only interest is in collecting the weekly fees for the service.

Quality PPH Shops will take an active interest in how you are doing week in and week out. They will offer suggestions on how you can improve your profile to make more money. They can give valuable advice on when you should cut a player’s limits, put him on delay or even get rid of sharp bettors altogether. Take advantage of the experience your PPH representative has from dealing with so many different types of players and agents over the years. Experience and attention to detail will go a long way to making your football season profitable.