By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head Agent News

When it comes to entrusting your livelihood to an offshore PPH Service Bookmakers and Agents have to ask some very important questions. Number one is what’s the bottom line? The service you choose needs to supply a few very fundamental properties in order for you to make money on a consistent basis.

You don’t have to be lucky to earn huge profits as a sports boo agent but you need to be smart and if you’re not that smart you better have smart people working for you. Pay Per Head offices have sprouted up all across the Sportsbook industry in recent years but not all uphold the principles of ensuring the success of their clients. A few of the basics are:

  1. Is the website fast, accessible and reliable. Are my players able to login any time of the day, regardless of how many other users are trying to access the site and place a wager. If your players can’t give you action you won’t make any money.
  2. Sharp accurate lines are a must for all agents. It’s great for your players if they can login to your PPH site any time but how sharp are the lines? This is an often overlooked problem for agents that usually doesn’t come up until they try to figure out why they aren’t making any money. With the majority of player action coming during the NFL season you simply can’t afford to lose 2 months worth of profits.
  3. If you have been fortunate enough to get the first two issues covered you’re still only half way there. An abundance of wagering options on major and even minor sports can really boost your bottom line. This includes betting options like Parlays, Teasers, Prop and Future Bets and one that is fast becoming extremely popular with players and agents alike, Live Betting. The concept is simple, if a player has 1 betting option on a game then you have 1 chance to beat him. If the player has 10 ways to bet the game you have 10 ways to beat him. The more action a player gives you the better Hold Percentage you will have on them.

Pay Per Head Costa Rica provides professional bookmakers with all the tools they need to succeed, not just during football season but year round. Our website offers many tips and suggestions to make our agents profitable. If all else fails simply pick up the phone and ask to speak with one our VIP account managers who can answer all your questions.