By Harley Wyatt – Pay Per Head Agent News –

Some sports bettors and bookies are under the impression that when it comes to football, especially the NFL, any spread or total will do. College football also has a huge market where many game spreads and totals can be astonishing to the casual observer. However it is not a guarantee that the bookies will automatically rake in huge profits every year. Sharp lines are probably more important to the local agent running a sports betting business than they have ever been before.

The standard thinking in the gambling industry has traditionally been that players simply can’t beat the spread on a consistent enough basis to win any money. The casual observer may see each individual game as a coin toss, a 50/50 shot where your odds are pretty good even if you know nothing about the sport being played. They fail to account for the vig or the juice that is applied to each wager which is typically 10%. Here’s how it breaks down.

Player 1 bets $110 to win $100 on team A

Player 2 bets $110 to win $100 on team B

The bookie takes $110 from the loser and pays the winner $100 thus pocketing $10 for himself. Seems idiot proof right? How can a bookmaker possibly lose?

Here’s the reality that some new Agents fail to consider carefully enough. What if all of your players are betting on the same team? This happens often where gamblers will habitually place their wagers on the home town team or regional college. Bookmakers can quickly get jammed up and find themselves in a huge hole if the majority of their action comes on one side and it wins. There are no losers to pay the winners. Sharp Lines for bookmakers will help ensure more balanced action over the long run. Where a player may have previously jumped on the favored team they will now see value and advantage in betting the other side. Sharp Lines will be appeal to the player on both sides of the game.

The first step in protecting your profits is to make sure the PPH Service or Pay Per Head Service you are using is giving your players sharp lines. You should also be able to control and move your own lines if needed. Gamblers and Sports Bettors have access to much more information about the teams they bet on than at any previous time in the history of Sports Wagering. Sharp lines can be the difference between having consistent profits long term or going bust within the first few weeks.