By Ted Jolly – Pay Per Head Agent News –

Pay Per Head Services, or PPH Service for short, take care of a lot of the day to day micro management that used to take up much of a Sports Book operators time. Turnkey PPH Service Solutions involve posting lines, moving lines and grading games. PPH Services can also expand the wagering options for a Professional Bookmaker that may have been too time consuming and labor intensive to offer on their own.

A first class Turnkey PPH Service will allow the agent to manage all of the wagering options available to players. This includes parlay settings like the number of teams allowed, the max bet and the max payout. You can even set your own parlay payout odds to suite your business needs.

Teasers are another popular betting option that keeps players rolling through the football and basketball season. Teasers are fun because the player gets to adjust the spreads and totals in their favor but there is, of course, a catch. They must win at least 2 games, just like with parlays, and the payout odds are much lower and can also be set by the bookmaker.

Other betting options that are now enjoyed by agents who use PPH Services include Live Betting, Player and Game Props, Futures and of course a massive amount of additional sports. Increasing your betting menu means that players can give you more action. More action creates a larger handle for the agent and leads to more profits. The bottom line is that the more your players gamble the more money you will make.

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