By Ted Jolly – PPH Agent News

5 Important Reasons Why Using PPH Services Will Keep You OUT OF JAIL!

Hello Friends, bookies and dear loyal readers! I have been involved in the business end of running many sports books catering to US gamblers for over 15 years. During that time I have seen pretty much everything as it relates to handling players and keeping 2 steps ahead of Johnny law in the process. I should add that all of my time has been spent in the OFFSHORE sports betting industry where ground zero is San Jose, Costa Rica. However, I have gotten to meet and share stories with bookmakers from many places around the USA.

I am not a lawyer and this should not be taken as legal advice but I will go out on a limb and present 5 reasons why using a PPH or Pay Per Head sports betting service in Costa Rica will keep your sorry ass out of jail and make you more money than you ever thought possible. Here we go!

  • The action takes place offshore! In Costa Rica the golden rule in terms of legality is that if it is not specifically ILLEGAL than it is by omission of any law LEGAL. This basic philosophy holds true for many activities but specifically for Sports Betting and Online Gaming there is essentially no law prohibiting it. That by default means that none of your player’s gambling activities through Costa Rican websites and data centers can be deemed illegal.
  • Privacy Protection! PPH / Pay Per Head data centers are, secure, encrypted and designed to protect your privacy and data. The biggest factor is that we don’t even need to know who you are to set up an account. If you want to say you’re Joe Schmoe from Timbucktoo that’s perfectly alright with me as long as you pay your bill!
  • Change your Phone! Just in case you got desensitized to the whole phone tapping thing that the feds do Wake Up! Remember the 1995 Movie HEAT, starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Even back then Cell Phones were known to be traceable, trackable and recordable and worst of all ADMISSABLE. Since then it’s gotten to the point where you must assume that anyone at anytime could listen in on your calls. It’s a pain in the ass but every few months you should Change your Phone!
  • NO FACEBOOK! Do yourself a favor and avoid social media if only for the fact that it’s a waste of your time and will rot your brain (unless you like cat videos). You aren’t going to generate any business from it and if that was your plan give your head a massive shake and then slap yourself 6 times across the face! By now you should have seen the thousands of morons who got busted doing illegal shit and then broadcasting it on Facebook. Social media is the low hanging fruit for COPS and they will jump on any idiot who pops up on their radar. There are literally thousands of Officers in all levels of law enforcement whose job it is to scan social media everyday for “dumb criminals”.
  • Low Profile! Here’s the bottom line, hang with me on this one. The COPS are not your enemy. Hell, I’ve dealt with many Officers over the years and bookies who’ve handled them. They’re just people and they like to put money on the game like anyone else. Betting one man to another is not even illegal, it is the bookmaking operation that is the issue. If your keep things low key no one will bother you, even if they know what you’re doing but you need to have a “day job”. We live in a society where law is enforced vigorously only if there is a hefty payout for the prosecutors. No one cares that you take action from 20-30 working stiffs who like football. Unless you’re pulling in a million+ you’re probably not worth the effort. That doesn’t mean you should be cocky or complacent. Many bookies will have a couple COPS on their player roster just to buy a little insurance. PPH Service will put you into the position where you’re all about the money, collecting and paying. You pull up a weekly report on who owes what and you go to work.

Obviously there are many more things you can do to protect yourself and we will cover some of them in future articles. For now you should understand that if you’re not using an Offshore Pay Per Head Service for your sports gaming business you are taking an enormous and unnecessary risk to your wealth and your liberty.