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PPH Pricing

PPHCR gives you the best service for the best price. Our pricing is designed to give you maximum value while allowing us to cover operating costs to provide you with the most reliable Offshore Pay Per Service in the gaming industry.

When you look at pricing you must always consider the following to avoid paying too much or getting ripped off by low budget providers who make you do all the work. PPHCR ensures that you’re always running a tight ship.

Experienced Personnel

  • Redundancy and backup systems
  • Online and phone service available 24/7
  • Experienced personnel to handle your account

No Extra Commissions

  • Solid, Reliable Line Management
  • Clear and Accurate billing on your players
  • No extra commissions that cut into your profits

No Hidden Fees

  • Communication in English
  • Risk management and trouble-shooting
  • No hidden fees or monthly service charges

Find out how Price Per Head Services really work and what you are paying for.

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