3 Things Bookies Need to Know About Cheap PPH Websites

By Ted Jolly – $8 Price Per Head

Bookies are always looking to get the edge on any transaction. Most of the time they want sharp betting lines for their players that give them the maximum advantage to win but it doesn’t stop there. Bookies like to haggle they want a good deal whenever it involves money. I would say that professional bookmakers are some of the best negotiators on the Planet.

Being a deal maker means that pay per head bookies want the best price they can get for a PPH Website. There was a time many years ago when pay per head services could charge bookies $50 a week or more for running their player accounts and lines but those days are long gone.

$8 Flat Pay Per Head

These days PPH  Bookies can get the cheapest pay per head that’s ever been offered. Bookies who search the internet for PPH sites will find incredible offers, many too good too be true. Here are 5 things that a PPH Bookies need to know about getting the cheapest pay per head service.

  1. Call the pay per head office and ask to speak to someone about setting up an account. Have your questions prepared. For example; can you move your own lines, how long have they been in business. Most importantly is the person your speaking to knowledgeable about the sportbook business or is it some kid who barely speaks English. First impressions are very important. If you aren’t speaking to a professional PPH expert hang up the phone.
  2. The average price in the pay per head industry right now is between $10-$12 per player each week they are active. You can easily beat that price but it is vital that you understand what you will be getting. For example if they offer you $5 per head but they have a laundry list of tasks that you have to take care of yourself is it really worth it? They might say “If you want Gold Star service then your price goes up. It’s the old bait and switch so be aware of it. Paying $5 per head sounds great when you do a little math you start to see dollar signs for the money you save. Often times though many bookies regret going the cheapest route due to lack of service support for any issues that come up. It can be very frustrating and that is exactly what you are trying to avoid.
  3. Use your God given intuition when you make your decision. Don’t jump into a PPH service for the sake a few dollars. Think about this, if your $5 PPH site goes down on a Saturday afternoon not only are your players going to freak out but it will cost you plenty of money in lost wagers. All that money you saved going with the cheapest pay per head just got flushed down the toilet. You have to look for the full package at the lowest price. Do not sacrifice one for the other.

Best Pay Per Head with PPHCR.com

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