PPH Site Owners see drop in Player Numbers

By Harley Wyatt – $8 Pay Per Head

Some of our agent bookmakers called into the pphcr.com or Pay Per Head Costa Rica offices this week asking why they were seeing a drop in their player numbers. Many were scratching their heads as they saw dwindling player betting week after week to start the football season.

Could it be the kneeling controversy started by Kapernick? Could it be the recent rule changes that have seen a record number of NFL football games go into overtime only to end in a draw. Could it be a general malaise of betting on American Football, the greatest game ever created?

PPH Bookmakers are Making a Killing this Year

The simple fact is that so far with PPHCR.com, over the first 6 weeks of the NFL season the PPH Bookies have been destroying their players. Your players are going broke, it’s that simple and they will need a couple weeks to put more money together. Thanks to the automated line moving system at PPHCR.com that is constantly monitored by industry professionals the players simply can’t gain any advantage.

Even the professional gambler who know the tricks of the trade for betting early lines or waiting until the last possible moment to place a maximum wager on a game are being stymied by pphcr.com’s illustrious team of professional sportsbook manement.

PPHCR.com Gives Pay Per Head Bookies the tools they need

Some agent bookmakers have gone in and utilized the various micro management tools afforded to them by the pay per head Costa Rica administrator. However, in the vast majority of cases the bookies are simply sitting back, letting PPHCR.com run the lines and then raking in huge profits each and every week.

Not all PPH Sites can mae this claim. Unfortunately many of them do not care about the profits of their clients as long as they pay their weekly player fees. A long time ago PPHCR.com decided to make the client their top priority knowing that this would not only guarantee client loyalty but would be a win / win for all agents who use our service.

I am both proud and happy to report this news to our current PPH bookies who are benefiting from our high level of service. I also use this opportunity to invite those who feel as if they have been left behind or neglected by their current PPH Site provider and make the switch over to us.

The player bet on games. We all watch the games and enjoy the games but bookmaking is not a game, it’s a business and you’re in oit to make money, so let us help you do it!