Pay Per Head Must Have for World Cup Soccer

By Ted Jolly – Best Pay Per Head

The World Cup of Soccer is now in full swing with qualified countries from around the globe playing for Soccer’s ultimate prize. The event which takes place every four years has been a boon for pay per head agents who normally have pretty low key action in June.

Pay per head services are rolling out a plethora of betting options for the 2018 event in Russia. Bookie agents can offer odds to win the tournament, betting on every single game including 1st and 2nd halves. Live betting has jumped into the spot light as a fan favorite for doubling down on their team.

Soccer has traditionally been hit and miss for bookies. Pay per head services have always offered it but player response to betting the games is sometimes lack luster. It certainly doesn’t help that the US national team failed to qualify for the event.

Bigger Profits with Pay Per Head Sites

Bookies who are unfamiliar with how pay per head betting offices handle the action may want to refresh themselves on standard sportsbook rules. Soccer is offered as a 3 way line which means there is no PUSH option when players bet moneylines. Gamblers can bet either team to win or bet that the game ends in a DRAW. This 3rd option makes soccer betting challenging and profitable for bookies.

PPH Offers Asian Handicap for WCS

Another way to gamble on the World Cup of Soccer is with the Asian Handicap Line. Pay Per Head websites give players access to a unique goal line where you can hedge your bet. For example the Asian handicap line allows bets on the total number of goals scored to be over 2 ¾. This means the player is actually betting that the game goes way over, like 4 or 5 goals. If only 3 goals are scored the player wins half his money however if only 2 goals are scored he only loses half his money.

It is an interesting and fun way for bookies to open the flood gates on betting soccer with their pay per head service. With an enormous amount of media coverage even casual players will be putting a few bucks on the games this year!